Tips for Healthier Hair

March 15, 2018 1 Comments
Tips for Healthier Hair

Anyone else get frustrated or even a little envious of the hair models in nearly every product commercial? (Who wouldn’t!) So we try bottle after bottle of product in attempt to recreate their perfect shining, bouncy locks. If you find the right product for your hair type, then it might just work. But there are a few other simple changes you can make as part of your beauty routine for healthier hair too.

And I don’t know about you, but the simple act of styling my hair makes me feel 100% more put together. There are definitely days that I leave the house without any makeup or dressed in my go-to athleisure wear, and as long as my hair is styled then I’m good-to-go. My loose, everyday curls have become part of my overall style, appearance and identity. (And with my curling routine down to a near-science, you’ll rarely ever catch me without my hair down and styled.) Overall, having beautiful, healthy hair gives me a little boost in confidence.

No matter what your type of hair, whether it be straight or curly, thick or thin, or anywhere in between – below I’ve rounded up a few of my top tips for healthier hair.

Don’t overwash your hair

First things first, I am not telling you to skip the shower completely. There’s a major misconception with this tip where it sounds gross and it might sound like I’m advocating that you shower less (which I’m not). You can still hop in the shower and rinse off, just skip washing your hair. Even limiting to every other day can have tremendous effects! If you have a bit thicker, wavy hair like me, you can probably go even a little longer without. But obviously, I recognize that everyone’s hair is different (as well as routines like how often you workout, or what type of climate you live in, etc.) which will alter what works best for you. But keep reading because I want to share why you should at least experiment with skipping a wash and ways to help in between washes.

Experts don’t have a single answer on how often you should or shouldn’t be washing your hair, but consistently they’ve advocated for less. Shampoos can trap the natural oil from your hair leaving it less-than-lush and prone to breakage. If you wash every single day, then you’re not giving your hair enough time to replenish those natural oils and maintain a healthy scalp and strong locks.

A few last tips about the in-between washes stages… find a dry shampoo that you love that will extend your “do” until the next shower! Also, watch or read any beauty tutorial for a top knot or any other updo, and you’ll hear that it’s easier to achieve that look with “dirty” hair. People use texturized sprays to even try to achieve that before styling, so embrace your second-day hair and try a new do. Plus, I don’t know what it is about second-day hair, but mine always looks even better than the first day.

Do limit heat on your locks

Following the first tip for healthier hair is actually super helpful to achieve tip number two of limiting the use of heat. Typically, I’m able to just do super quick touch ups with my curling iron on the second day if it was already styled previously, which helps minimize heat damage. Or I’ll go completely without any heat the following day and switch to a half-up, half-down style or another styling choice.

I also limit heat application by skipping the blow-dry. I’ve only used my hairdryer a handful of times my entire life, and I honestly believe it is a core reason my hair is so healthy. (My hairdressers can’t believe I ever use heat on my hair because it’s never damaged.) I always shower at night, sleep with wet hair and style it first thing in the morning, which also helps my curls last much longer. So if you can completely eliminate one heat tool from your styling routine, I recommend it – but I know it’s not for everyone (or almost anyone).

On the rare occasions I do use a hairdryer, then that’s all I use and won’t apply a straightener or curling iron. In addition, if you must use one, be sure to apply a heat protectant as well as some product that helps style and speed up the process to help protect your hair.

Don’t tear or cause extra strain 

So this is probably when I’m supposed to advise using a wide tooth comb post-shower instead of a brush… but I personally can’t get away with using a comb. Thick hair usually translates to a few knots. My hairdresser used this wet brush on my hair one appointment, so I went to the store about bought one the very next day and never looked back. I’ve never been able to brush my hair so smoothly in my entire life, seriously a game changer. To reduce tear and strain, I couldn’t recommend it more. You can also try to brush or comb from the bottom to the top too.

Do find the right products 

This one takes some time and experimentation. Not sure where to start? Consult your hairdresser during your next appointment, they’ll point you in the right direction as a first step.

But don’t frivolously spend money on products you hope will do the trick. Sephora and Ulta typically provide up to three samples of any product when you visit, so don’t be shy about getting a few sample size hair products to try out – and the employees there probably have a few recommendations too.

Be sure to know to an extent what you are looking for based on your hair type to be able to find the right mix of products. These days there are hair masks, oils, balms, protectants, texturizing sprays, etc. Don’t be overwhelmed, just do a little research!

Don’t skip out on your regular trims

I am guilty of never following this golden rule, but I’m trying to be better! Usually recommended every 4-6 weeks, but I am at least trying to stay in the 6-8 week range. When you get a haircut, there are some major benefits that result in healthier hair… getting rid of split ends, less breakage, easier styling, fuller look and more. In short, just do it.

What are your tips for healthier hair? Leave them below in the comments.

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    As usual TLRD has solid information on beauty regimes and products. Interesting and useful tips for my hair is just in time for spring!! 💚