How To Have A Productive Week

October 30, 2017 0 Comments
How to have a productive week

Happy Monday, all! The start of another week can often times feel tiresome and mundane, or overwhelming and dreadful, or downright scary (have you heard of the Sunday scaries – it’s so relatable!) But there’s no reason to go full-on Garfield about Mondays. By setting yourself up for success, you can get your dose of motivation Monday and have a super productive week! So grab yourself a cup of coffee, set aside a couple of minutes, and let’s review a couple of ways to ensure you get sh*t done. Because at the end of the day, it’s about working smarter, not harder.

1. Prepare the night before

What can you do to ensure you have a smooth morning? Pack your lunch, set the coffee maker, lay out your outfit. Find at least one thing (that won’t take up more than 10 minutes – I am in no way advocating for you to work on your free time!) and do it.

2. Spend the first hour on Monday prioritizing

I’ve read consistently how important it is not to fall into the email cycle trap when your first start your day. Instinctively, you open up your email and rapidly start shooting off replies to any inquiries in your inbox, but what happens is you get replies back with additional questions, requests, etc. and you respond again, and before you realize it’s noon and you haven’t even managed to get any of your work done.

Instead, block off the first hour of your calendar and plan out your week. My Type-A personality loves a good to-do list! I’ll write down all the tasks, meetings, ongoing projects and more with dates I plan to work on the items or deadlines for the items to keep myself organized and accountable. Obviously other things come up, but this is a great way to understand what lies ahead for the week, indicates most needs my attention each Monday and ensures I have a super productive week.

3. Declutter your workspace

Take five minutes, or less, and tidy up your workspace. Can you recycle a few of those loose papers lying around, file away those documents on your desktop, or wipe down your keyboard?

4. Treat Yo’ Self

Find a small way to treat yourself during the week! Craving Starbucks on your way to work – treat yourself; need an afternoon snack from the vending machine – treat yourself; need a break, go outside for a walk and (you guessed it) treat yourself! Whatever it might be, find a small way to make yourself a little extra happy. It could be looking forward to a lunch date or after-work drinks or patting yourself on the back for an accomplishment from that week.

5. Unwind

After you’ve had your incredibly productive Monday (and week), find ways to unwind. It’s important to be able to unplug and unwind. I love to tune-in for an audiobook during my commute to immediately make a switch from work to home.

That’s it! My (hopefully) helpful tips to have a super productive week. How do you stay on track for the week – any tips I missed? Comment below, I’d love to keep this motivation Monday going!

November 8, 2017