My Ultimate, Must-Do Fall Activities 2017

October 5, 2017 0 Comments
Fall photo with pumpkins

Despite the fact that Chicago’s weather is experiencing some record-breaking heat lately, it is officially my favorite season, so I wanted to put together a bucket list of fall activities I am looking forward to! I’m personally a big fan of the season. Not only for my affinity for pumpkin and caramel, signature flavors for fall, or because of my birthday, but I love the colors of the leaves, the crispness in the air, all my cozy sweaters and getting a fresh start. Each season offers a fresh start, new chances and opportunities.

If you’re looking for fun fall activities, see my list of top seven things I plan to do this season!

  1. Last year I didn’t take advantage of this, but now that I live in Chicago I am really looking forward to checking out Open House Chicago, Oct. 14-15. For one weekend only, the Chicago Architecture Foundation puts on the event where you can explore Chicago’s most iconic and unique architectural treasures. Did I mention that this is completely free?!
  2. Living in Lakeview, I am surrounded by amazing comedy clubs but during the summer I never ventured to since I tried to enjoy the outdoors. Once it gets a bit chillier, I am definitely going to a show. I’ve heard amazing things about The Annoyance Theater & Bar, so I’ll be checking out their upcoming shows soon.
  3. The past few years, my mom and I always plan a date to go apple picking, so I hope to continue that tradition this year! We mostly enjoy browsing the shops for apple donuts, flights of wine and riding in the back of the tractor – but it’s more about spending quality time together.
  4. We are definitely having an Indian summer, so with the weather being so beautiful I’d love to go hiking at a local nature preserve. One of my favorite physical activities – there’s nothing like hitting the trail.
  5. I recently heard that an SNL Exhibit is coming to the Museum of Broadcast Communications in October that is suppose to have artifacts, major set pieces and immerse you into a week in the life of SNL. Immersive exhibits are definitely my favorite, so this is a no-brainer, must-see.
  6. Squeeze in one last run to the farmer markets for fresh produce pickins! Select locations are open until October 28, which is the last chance until next summer. Find your nearest and its dates here.
  7. My youngest brother headed off to University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee this past month, so we are planning to head up north for family weekend! Our plan is to check out the local zoo, do a brewery tour and see a few local spots. It’s nice to take advantage of a few neighboring cities for a little weekend get-away.

I’m also, of course, excited to enjoy more red wine, break out my scarf collection, the first PSL of the season and so much more. Follow along on my adventures this fall on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. What fall activities are you looking forward to?