All-Time Favorite Drugstore Makeup Products

October 18, 2017 0 Comments
Best drugstore makeup products

Today, I want to share with you a few of my all-time favorite drugstore makeup products! I’ve definitely found my holy grail, high-end makeup brands that I refuse to give up, not only because I love the way that they look on me, but because the quality is phenomenal and I care about the ingredients in the products that go on my face. However, there’s also a TON of fantastic, top-quality drugstore makeup products that offer the same results at half the price (if not more of a discount!) Ladies, I’m talking about prices comparative to your guilty-pleasure cheap bottle of wine or a venti Starbucks latte!!!

Below are the best drugstore makeup products/brands broken down by category. 


If I’m not using my Too Faced Born This Way foundation, then I definitely turn to Revlon Colorstay for normal/dry skin. This is in no way a dupe product; although, I’ve tried the fan-favorite Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation and found it to be nearly the same quality and consistency, except Revlon only charges about $9-10 whereas Make Up Forever is about $43.

I love this foundation because it applies so smoothly, includes SPF and provides coverage while maintaining a natural look. They’ve also recently changed the packaging to a pump, which I really appreciate. It’s the small stuff, guys! If you’re searching for the best drugstore makeup foundation, look no further! 


Real talk: I’ve never even tried a high-end concealer on a daily basis. I personally can’t wrap my head around the idea of spending close to $40 for a .22 ounce container of concealer. I’ve been using Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer ($7) for the longest time now! It’s definitely one of the best drugstore makeup products on this list.

There’s not a ton of shades available, which is a drawback, but I’ve never had an issue finding my perfect match. I typically go just a tad lighter than my foundation, which provides a nice brightening look under the eyes and almost can work for a contouring effect in a few areas that I want to highlight. Overall, it gives me a really flawless finish.


Did you really think you’d get through this blog post without seeing e.l.f.?! Many beauty gurus have definitely shared about this brand that offers insanely affordable and amazing products. E.L.F. offers a great contouring blush and bronzer duo that gives you the perfect natural glow, and I use it every single day (that I manage to do my make up). Bonus: it’s only $4.


My favorites tend to be lip products that are lightweight and not drying. That’s why I tend to keep Revlon Balm Stain in all my purses and totes. While it definitely needs to be reapplied throughout the day, these balms have the perfect “my lips but better” look that is just universally flattering.

Brushes/Makeup Applicators

Not technically a makeup product, but let’s just call this bonus! Who doesn’t love an affordable option for brushes? My go-to is Real Techniques. Buy a brush set and you have all the essentials you’ll need. The quality is truly top-notch, and I personally swear on the expert face brush for liquid foundation application and blending ($9). They also have a miracle complexion sponge ($6) that is very compatible to the beauty blender.

There are a few items that didn’t make this list (like eyeshadows, mascara, highlighters, etc.) and it’s not that I forgot, but that I truly haven’t found a truly amazing product for those categories that meet the requirement of being a drugstore makeup product. For some of those categories, I have recommendations that I could provide from Colourpop, which is an amazing, affordable and cruelty-free beauty company but they’re only available online and not in a drugstore. Others I only use a high-end product for those specific areas.

If you have any recommendations of your best drugstore makeup products, I’d love to hear them below in the comments!