Top Four Benefits Of Meditation

October 26, 2017 0 Comments
Benefits of Meditation

While always on the hunt for new and better ways for self-improvement, I was specifically looking for additional resources to manage stress. As a person that loves to overload my to-do list and is a chronic over thinker and worrier, my mind has a tendency to race. Somewhere along the way it was suggested to me to try meditation. The idea initially didn’t stick, despite researching the various benefits of meditation, because the idea seemed vague and so foreign to me.

But just like anything else – there’s an app for that! There’s tons of guided, easy-to-use meditation tools at your fingertips. Looking for where to start? Check out these resources!

I’m not going to lie, it feels weird at first and maybe even a little uncomfortable. It’s often hard to just focus on your breathing and remind yourself every time your mind wanders to acknowledge the thought, dismiss it and go back to the practice. Though I can honestly say it’s been extremely useful and impactful to dedicate 5, 10, 15 minutes to practice meditation. If you’re interested in testing it out – remember that it’s not a chore but self-care!

Don’t take my word for it, there’s plenty of studies about the benefits of meditation. It’s really no secret! But from my own personal experience, I do want to share how it’s helped me.
Overall, the benefits of meditation for me boils down to:

  1. Reducing stress
    I love to do my meditation when I get home from work or before bed. Why? Because it’s a great way for my mind to unwind! This is peak time when my mind is racing, but it’s also the time I’ve earned to relax, so it’s a great way to slow down. Ultimately, there’s no snap-your-fingers quick solution to reducing stress, but this has immensely helped especially over time of practice.
  2. Clearing my mind leading to better focus throughout the day
    By focusing on my breath, acknowledging a thought as it pops up, dismissing it completely and returning to my breath – I can truly clear my mind. This has made my ability to focus on one task at a time so much easier (I’ve been so guilty of multi-tasking, it’s a bad habit!)
  3. Becoming more mindful and happy
    Meditation has made me hyper-aware of my thoughts, which allows me to better recognize negative thoughts and send them packing and making more room for happiness.
  4. Boost in creativity
    This doesn’t happen during my meditation, yet is a great side effect. After clearing my mind, I’m able to make room for new, creative thoughts.

Have you ever tried meditation? Comment below with any additional tips or resources!